Trusted online casino malaysia

Trusted online casino malaysia – Las Vegas is known as the forerunner of the gambling city in the world. His image as a pioneer of the gambling city and the center of the casino business is so strong even today.

No wonder this image is so strong because indeed in the most crowded city in Nevada, the United States is famous for its casino buildings and supporting facilities that are scattered in almost all corners of the city. The city of Las Vegas also gave birth to so many talented gamblers who deserve the nickname as the god of gambling.

Unfortunately, there are some gods of gambling who use certain tricks to win. Curious about how to cheat to play the smartest gambling that has ever happened in the majestic casinos in the world? Let’s look at the following information.

The smartest way to play gambling cheats

Trusted online casino malaysia

If it is associated with the nickname of the god of gambling, it seems inappropriate if they, the people who get the nickname of the god of gambling, actually use manipulative methods to win the gambling game they are playing.

There are quite a number of ways to manipulate opponents and even bookies at the gambling table at the casino. Of course, you are curious about which gambling gods have been proven to use tricks/cheats, and what are the smartest ways to play gambling cheats that they use. Here’s the information.

Controlling the Dice by Dominic The Dominator

Who does not know this one god of gambling. Dominic The Dominator is one of the best craps players in the world. His name soared thanks to his gambling skills that could be said to be god level. He is known to be a calm and self-controlled craps player.

His hand movements when playing dice in the craps gambling game are also known to be flexible, relaxed, but accurate and turn off your opponent. And unexpectedly, Dominic’s fluid hand movements are part of the cleverest cheating way of gambling that is often played by these professional craps players.

If you watch videos of craps games involving Dominic as one of the players, at first you don’t think that Dominic is cheating. Try playing the video again and watching Dominic’s wrist movements. This later became the secret of the smartest way to cheat in gambling that Dominic continues to use.
Over the years, Dominic has successfully used this trick.

As a result, in almost every craps game, he wins. Actually, this kind of cheating is quite common. It only requires tricks and skills that are focused on the hand to be able to do it. Anyone can do it. It’s just that it takes experience to be able to smooth this fraudulent action.

By using this method, Dominic has successfully supported himself and his family from his profession as a professional craps player. In an interview, Dominic opened the secret of his success as a professional craps player. When it is his turn to roll the dice on the craps table, he does it with light hand movements to get a smooth roll of the dice. In this way, Dominic always has a great chance of winning with any combination of dice numbers.

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However, many craps gambling experts reject Dominic’s mainstay method. They assumed that what he said was just bullshit. They still accuse Dominic of using other tricks to win craps at any casino. The proof, Dominic is banned by almost all casinos in the world. This is clear evidence that whatever tricks Dominic uses are really effective. The public also judged that Dominic was the only professional craps player who was good at hiding the smartest gambling cheats that he always used.

Sector Targeting

This ninth smartest way to cheat in gambling uses the help of technology to smooth out the players’ cheating actions. This incident occurred around 2004 and involved 3 perpetrators consisting of a woman with nationality

Hungary and two men from Siberia who made one of the magnificent casinos in London lost up to 1.5 million pounds.
Sector Targeting itself is a cheating idea for the roulette wheel gambling game using a laser scanner on a Smartphone. This laser scanner apparently has the ability to guess where the ball will stop at the roulette wheel table.

The three perpetrators were detained but after an investigation was carried out by analyzing game recordings from casino cameras, this sector targeting was not included in the category of violations of gambling laws. This event proves that all roulette gambling players can have the same chance of winning just by using this method.

Gambling experts also say that Sector Targeting is not included in the list of the smartest ways to cheat in gambling, because this action is only limited to guessing, does not change game techniques which are clearly illegal and violate gambling laws.

Changing Cards

The next smartest way to cheat playing gambling is to exchange cards. This disgraceful action involved two actors who were none other than two professional poker players, namely John Dixon and his partner named Robert.

Both have tricks that can be considered quite unique. In each game, the two usually choose to sit next to each other and will exchange their cards under the poker gambling table. Both of them also always place bets low or under the bets of other players and the bookie.

Not only that, Dixon and Robert also did not hesitate to hire a casino waiter to help with their cheating actions. This servant will later act as a distraction as well as a scout in the game. With the presence of this servant, Robert and Dixon will receive a code that the service person has deliberately given.

Tran Organization

The smartest way to cheat to play gambling this time is run by an organization called the Tran Organization. If Robert and Dixon hired a casino waiter to smooth their fraudulent activities, this organization is different.

The Tan Organization had a covert performance by involving a number of other players who were none other than the opposing camp of the Tan Organization as well as the bookie.
The Tran organization had bad luck when a casino saw something odd about the way the dealer shuffled the cards on the Baccarat table.

The dealer intentionally shuffles the cards in a certain pattern to help the members of the Tran Organization who are playing the game remember and trace the order of the cards.

One member will also use a special code in the form of a gesture or finger movement holding a cigarette. The movement of taking a cigarette with one finger and the movement of taking a cigarette with two fingers each have a hidden meaning.

The information from this finger gesture code is then communicated to other Tran Organization members using a mini microphone. This information is then analyzed using certain computer programs to find out which cards are most likely to be drawn.

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From the cheating way of playing the smartest gambling played by the Tran Organization, at least this gambling syndicate has earned 7 million US dollars which they got from various casinos in America. This profit is then divided among several members of the syndicate, including the bookie involved. Of course with different percentages.

Louis Colavecchio’s Fake Coin

Have you ever wondered why vouchers in today’s slot machines are made in the form of sheets of paper, not coin tokens anymore. The answer is because previously there had been an event that harmed a casino due to the exchange of fake token coins for cash.

It was Louis Colavecchio, a jeweler who for many years made fake token coins whose shape, size, thickness, and weight closely resembled the real token coins of slot machines. These fake coins are very difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Only with the help of a magnifying glass can these coins be identified as fake.

How to cheat playing the smartest gambling a la Colavecchio is unique because it is the only one in the world. Colavecchio casually exchanged his homemade coins at the cashier of a casino for cash. As a result, without playing slot machines, he continues to get millions of United States dollar prizes.
This case was later revealed thanks to a report from a casino cashier who suspected Colavecchio. The cashier wondered why this man was exchanging coins so often.

After an investigation into the coins exchanged by Colavecchio, it was revealed that the coins turned out to be counterfeit coins.

When questioned, Colavecchio admitted to having carried out this fraudulent act in Connecticut and Atlantic City for years. He also admitted that he had joined the casino gambling mafia. In the mafia organization he joins, he acts as a maker and supplier of replica coins for slot machine gambling games.
As a result of this act, Colavecchio was arrested in 1998 and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Phil Ivey’s Edge Sorting

Phil Ivey is known as a professional poker player who pays great attention to all elements of the game in great detail. With his flagship trick called edge-sorting, he managed to win a prize money of 20 million United States dollars.

From the results of the cards that have been shuffled by the dealer, Ivey seems to know which cards have the highest value. Ivey uses the edge-sorting method to match two cards only from the graphic pattern on the two cards.

The trick is actually quite simple, namely by sticking the ends of the two cards in the same and symmetrical position. If the ends of the two cards are connected, it means that the two cards have the same numerical value.

Chip Stacking by Richard Marcus

Who does not know this one god of gambling. Richard Marcus before becoming a professional blackjack and baccarat gambling player apparently worked as a gambling dealer. His experience as a dealer certainly makes him very familiar with the pattern of casino gambling games that he always pursues.
Richard Marcus is fairly clever when it comes to playing tricks to win baccarat gambling.

It uses two chips that look the same but are actually different to trick the dealer. The chips used are 5 dollar chips which are red and 500 dollar chips which are reddish brown. Marcus will exchange chips to win his favorite baccarat game.

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Marcus always uses three chips, 2 red chips and one sorrel chip, as a bet. When the game starts, Marcus will stack all three chips in the following formation: 2 red chips are placed more prominently than the brown chips that are under the two red chips.

If Marcus loses, he will put two red chips down, while if Marcus wins, he will make sure that the dealer knows there are 500 dollars worth of chocolate chips on Marcus’ table.

Roulette Wheel Cheats in the Toilet

Trusted online casino malaysia

This cleverest way of playing gambling, of course, involves several actors. This fraudulent action still uses the same tricks as the tricks used by Marcus, namely swapping and chips. It’s just that this case occurs in the roulette wheel gambling game. This deceptive action occurred at a casino in Ohio, United States. This incident occurred around 2012.

Each actor has a different task. Some are in charge of being a player and some are in charge of being a dealer’s distraction. When the game starts and the players start placing bets, one of the players will steal some chips from the dealer who looks busy by the distraction. Of course these distractions are deliberately created by the perpetrators of this plot.

These stolen chips are then transferred to several ‘couriers’ who are none other than other members of this gang. These couriers will later give these stolen chips to other couriers to be exchanged at the cashier.

With this trick, this roulette gambling syndicate group managed to ‘destroy’ casinos in 18 states of the United States. Even though they were caught once and some of the perpetrators were caught, apparently other members are still continuing their actions at other casinos.

Tricks with Infra-Red Contact Lenses

In this modern era, many gambling players take advantage of technological advances as a medium to cheat other players at the gambling table. like a cheat way to play the smartest gambling on this one. The perpetrator used the Infra-Red soft lens as a tool to smooth out his fraudulent actions at the poker gambling table in Cannes, France in 2011.

With the help of insiders, the perpetrators have marked the deck of cards with magic ink aka invisible ink. Only with the help of this Infra-Red soft lens, the perpetrator can recognize the cards that have been marked.

This incident is quite surprising. The reason is, there has just been a case of cheating by using a soft lens that is already equipped with Infra-Red technology. Sounds cool, but don’t copy it, buddy. And what fraudulent act took the top spot? So true. The top position is occupied by The MIT Blackjack Team.

The MIT Blackjack Team

Who does not know this one group. The MIT Blackjack Team is a collection of smart people who originally had the same hobby, namely playing Blackjack cards. At first, this Blackjack team consisted of only a few people. With proper card calculations, all members of The MIT Blackjack Teams managed to win Blackjack gambling in casinos around the late 1980s to early 1990s.

They then recruited new members who also came from among students. And amazingly, its members continue to grow and spread in casinos around the world. There is something unique about The MIT Blackjack Team.

In terms of profit sharing from gambling, they use the exact same profit sharing system as commercial companies in general. The benefits obtained by each member are different and are divided into several types. Call it examples of daily profit, weekly profit, monthly profit, and annual profit.

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